State Map

LinkIDAHO's Interactive Broadband Map displays the availability of broadband connections throughout the State.

The State Broadband Initiative Program, which collected the data used to create the state broadband map, will end on October 31, 2014. Data will continue to be collected from broadband providers through the FCC 477 submission process. Updates to the Map after January 2015 will be made using the data obtained from the FCC. Changes to the map’s appearance may be affected by the change in the data source.

You may find it beneficial to read a few tips about the map's navigation tools and functionality or review Frequently asked Questions (FAQ) about the mapping project. These helpful resources are also available through links inside the interactive mapping tool.

Participating providers' advertised upload and download speeds, types of technology, coverage area and link to company website are included in the State Broadband Map (accessible at top of page) and the National Broadband Map. Download the current list of Internet Service Providers who are actively participating in the LinkIDAHO broadband mapping efforts.