Insights to the advancement of broadband in Idaho

  1. Available Services
  2. Application
  3. Awareness
  4. Broadband 201
  5. Policy Guide
  6. Health IT
  7. Connecting Businesses
  8. Innovative Practices
  9. LinkIDAHO Summits
  10. Other Resources

These resources are important for a number of reasons:

  • Policymakers may find this information useful in better understanding the importance of broadband investments in their districts.
  • Researchers may use the information for analyzing the impact of broadband in order to support future broadband policy and investment recommendations.
  • Service providers can identify unserved or underserved areas and obtain information to develop a business case for expanding coverage.
  • Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs) can identify partners for new projects or obtaining new services.
  • State and Federal Agencies can search and compare data to understand the impact of broadband investments and anticipate future needs.
  • State, Local and Tribal Governments can monitor broadband investments in their communities and find opportunities for increased access to and adoption of broadband to better serve their citizenry.
  • The Public can locate public computer centers and training programs in their communities that offer free, public access to broadband and computers, as well as training programs to increase digital literacy.