Bandwidth Assessment Tool

Ever wonder how much bandwidth you actually need?

LinkIDAHO is pleased to introduce the Bandwidth Assessment Tool (BAT) to help answer this question. This web-based tool helps users understand their current bandwidth requirement and the applications/uses that are driving that level of demand.

Click here to visit the BAT website

Businesses can use the tool to determine their broadband needs, current and future, and determine which Internet Service Providers in their area can meet that need.

Residential Consumers can use the tool to estimate their bandwidth needs with more confidence. They can then use this information to make an informed decision when shopping for an Internet provider.

Internet Service Providers can use the demand output created from the assessments to connect with potential customers and be informed about current and future bandwidth needs in the areas they serve. To learn more go to - 

Broadband Advocates can use the "survey group" function to help highlight the need for broadband in specific areas within their communities.

Economic Development Specialists can use the tool when meeting with existing or prospective business interests to help them better understand their current and future broadband needs and explore if/how those requirements can be met by Internet Service Providers within the local community.