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Emerging Broadband-Related Issues

AT&T, Comcast expand gigabit Internet services

April 24, 2015

AT&T and Comcast are launching gigabit services in cities across the country.

It’s official: The Comcast, Time Warner deal is dead

April 24, 2015

Comcast retracted its $45.2 billion bid after the deal faced opposition from the Federal Communications Commission and U.S. Department of Justice. There will be no Comcast-Time Warner merger.

The Week The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Deal Died

April 24, 2015

"Once you get through the hysteria, [this transaction] is pro-consumer, pro-competitive and strongly in the public interest," Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen told reporters in February 2014 when the nation’s biggest cable TV and broadband service provider announced it would purchase Time Warner Cable, the number 2 provider. Fourteen months later -- hysteria duly subsided -- and it appears regulators may not agree.

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